My name is Chelsea Evans.  I started cake decorating when I was 13 years old.  My Sister, Jen, and I took the Wilton cake decorating courses through Shephards Cake & Candy.  Throughout the years we had many adventures decorating together.  I call them “adventures” because we had cakes fall, crash, succeed & literally burn!  But, we always had a good time making them together.

Jen moved to Arizona and I moved on to marry the man of my dreams, working full time, and having children.  Cakes & cupcakes were my “break” away from real work.  I loved to decorate, I loved to have some creative & artistic time to myself.

After having my second boy I decided to be a full time MOM.  I never knew how much JOY I would have in doing so.  Now, with a little help from my hubby, I am able to be there for my boys and do something I love doing too, DECORATING.

Each cake is iced with personality. My goal is to make every cake personal – so the person it’s for can look at it and say, “That’s totally me!”

I make it custom, I make it sweet.  Taste & craft are equally important in each of my cakes.  I use only the finest, fresh ingredients so your cake not only looks good, but tastes great too!